A Grandmother's Story: Isaiah

This is to tell about the changes that have taken place in Isaiah’s life over the past few years. When he started school he loved it and enjoyed going to class every day. He really enjoyed his teacher and did pretty good until she went on maternity leave and a substitute came in. Isaiah seemed to just not enjoy going as much as before.

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With each new school year came more times when he didn’t care to go as much as before. He started getting into trouble with his teacher, other students and ending up in the principal’s office. He seemed to be struggling with even the most simple reading. It got to the point where he just simply did not want to go to school no matter what.

It was then that his family moved to Billings and I thought that everything would be a whole lot better with change of school. But, the same problems were happening again. He didn’t want to go to school! I could see that he was falling more behind all the time. When I went to Isaiah’s school to see him in a program. He seemed withdrawn and just not very happy. After the program we went to his classroom to get his backpack. I was astounded to see that his chair was at the front of the room and facing the class. That was just too much. How horrible would that make an 8 year old feel - much less the scar that he would carry with him the rest of his life?

Then everything began to change as Isaiah’s mom found a lady that was willing to help him. She noticed shortly after starting to tutor him that he was severely dyslexic. This condition was never even mentioned before as to possibly why he was having so much trouble reading and understanding things. With each tutoring session Isaiah just seemed to blossom. He was so excited and so very eager to learn and to get his school work done, with the help of Mrs. Margo Haak. He even wanted to go and be at the school on Saturdays!

Isaiah is improving daily and now I see the happy, loving wonderful young man that I knew was always there! I feel that Isaiah will continue to improve and to learn with each new day under the guidance of Mrs. Haak and her staff at Billings Educational Academy.